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  • Chamaedorea cataractarum syn atrovirens

    Chamaedorea cataractarum syn atrovirens

    Cascade Palm

    Category: Palm

    Low growing clumping palm to 2 metres. A very useful palm in landscaping or as a potted specimen in shade or part sun. Great bushy palm to soften a fence line and accentuate the colours of tropical foliage.

    Price list

    Size Price Quantity
    250mm $37.50 No online sale.
    140mm $18.50 No online sale.
    200mm $24.50 No online sale.
    175mm $21.00 No online sale.
    400mm $85.00 No online sale.

    Palms for Brisbane is grateful for the agreement of the Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia to allow us to provide links to their marvellous online catalogue of photos, botanical notes and cultivation notes about most of the palm and cycad species on our price list. You may view more information at:

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